Cyanotype DIY Postcard Kit


Cyanotype is an analogue photographic printing process that was discovered in the 1800s. The process creates a beautiful cyan-blue print. All you need is this kit and some daylight.

By treating the watercolor paper with iron salts, the paper becomes sensitive to UV light. When the sun's rays hit the chemicals, the deep-blue color appears and where objects have been placed on the paper, a print is created.

The result is handmade, beautiful indigo-blue art to collect, frame or give as a gift.Β 

The kit contains:

- Step-by-step instructions and tips in English, German, French and Dutch)
- 2 bottles of 100 ml with cyanotype solution, ready for mixing
- 20 sheets of watercolour paper 15 x 21 cm
- Gloves
- 5 printable transparent sheets
- Rectangular washing tray
- Measuring cylinder 100 ml
- Foam brush
- Mixing bowl
- Stirring rod