Carnation Indigo Pillow


The central motif on this pillow is a blooming carnation, complete with leaves stitched in ecru threads and meticulously embroidered buds. Surrounding the central carnation are artistic interpretations of the fringed flowers, embroidered on rich indigo 100% linen, backed with 100% linen.  

Special note:  the embroidery on Coral & Tusk's Carnation Indigo pillow is composed of over 100,000 stitches. It takes several hours for this design to be embroidered on the machine, overseen by a skilled operator who manually changes threads each time the color changes. After the embroidery is completed, it takes about an hour for each pillow to be expertly hand sewn and finished with care.

The removable cover can be machine washed on delicate.  The price includes a non-allergenic Polysilk pillow stuffer.

  • 20 × 20"