Mushrooms and Ferns Table Runner


Behold the beauty of ferns! From their lacy leaves to varied green hues, the ancient plant has long enthralled us. Unfurl our newest table runner to reveal an embroidered shade garden composed of maidenhair ferns, sword ferns, and lady ferns. Beneath the fine fronds find a treasure trove of mushrooms, including golden chanterelles and agaric toadstools. Embrace your inner naturalist and set the table with this botanical design.

The embroidery on this table runner is composed of hundreds of thousands of stitches. It can take up to two days for Coral & Tusk's runners to be embroidered on the machine, overseen by a skilled operator who manually changes threads each time the color changes. After the embroidery is completed, it takes another hour and a half for each runner to be expertly hand sewn and finished with care.

100% natural linen, densely embroidered and beautifully finished with natural linen backing. 

  • 76 x 18"