Mushrooms and Ferns Lumbar Pillow


Whispy green maidenhair ferns, sword ferns, and lady ferns provide an elegant backdrop for clusters of mushrooms on this embroidered lumbar pillow by Coral & Tusk. 100% natural linen.  The cover is removable for cleaning.  100% polysilk pillow insert.

The embroidery on Coral & Tusk's Mushrooms and Ferns Pillow is composed of approximately over 100,000 stitches. It takes over 8 hours for this design to be embroidered on the machine, overseen by a skilled operator who manually changes threads each time the color changes. After the embroidery is completed, it takes a little over an hour and a half for each pillow to be expertly hand sewn and finished with care. 

  • 16 x 32"